Succession Planning


You might have never imagined you would be so successful. Through hard work, skill and more than one sleepless night you built your business. You are proud of it and have every right to be. Maybe you wonder about what you will accomplish in your next phase of life. Possibly you have a successor in mind to run the business, but you still have questions. Maybe you have a fuzzy plan in your head, but you don't know what step to take. Or if you should take any step at all.

You want what is best for yourself and your business. You have more questions. What is your first step?

We Believe:

  • The lifeblood of transitions is clarity. Clarity of expectations. Clarity of goals. Clear Communication. Clear boundaries between family and business matters.
  • Conflict is a natural part of any family or business. Conflicting opinions surrounding important topics is desired as long as it leaves the relationship intact and everyone feels respected. Unfettered conflict is a wildfire that consumes all in its path.
  • Effective communication is the foundation for all great leadership transition. Communication of goals and values is sometimes overlooked but essential to continuing the family business legacy and business success.
  • Transition planning is not a single event but rather a series of smaller, logical and timely steps.
  • Just as your business has changed in order to thrive. Transitions, by definition, involve change.
  • Ensuring the founders have a clear plan for their next phase is as important as the business strategy.

Your Family Business Transition

is a dance where family, ownership, and business find a new rhythm for the next era. The transition of your family business is about finding the right timing and the right balance of holding on and letting go.

How We Work:

A smooth business transition is like a relay race. Running together and then letting go. We prepare the family and the business for the transition by planning and coordinating a smooth hand off. After the hand off we coach the new leadership so they continue to win.

  • Clean Slate: We believe every family business is unique. We don't have a single solution that we apply to every client. Rather we tailor each engagement to only what you need.
  • Conflict Management: Family business sometimes get derailed by conflict. We encourage healthy communication and conflict management so crucial conversations around important topics can flourish.
  • Plan the Next Phase: Bring the business and personal visions to life with timely planning, sequential steps, and solid execution.
  • Shared Assets: Navigate the complexities of shared asset ownership during the transition and for many generations to come.
  • Corporate and Family Governance: Find the right balance of structure, and freedom to operate the business while aligning the family around common objectives.
  • Leadership Development: Personal and professional development so the next leaders are fully equipped to lead.
  • Clarity: Remove assumptions with clarity. Improve communication by clarifying roles, business goals, and ensuring everyone is pulling together toward a common vision.
  • Advisory Coordination: We coordinate your transition plan with your tax, legal and other advisers.
  • Family Meetings and Retreats: Strengthen personal and business relationships with effective family business retreats.

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