Executive Farmer Network


Learn & Improve

Structured Setting

Continuously Build


The Purpose

Farming is a business of constant change, which presents both risk and opportunity. To navigate what seems like an ever-narrowing margin for error, you need information and insight, outside perspective and a practical sounding board. Those things are getting harder to find on a local level, but increasingly important to stay ahead of the competition.

Imagine your farm enterprise as a pickup truck. Each wheel represents one of the following: your farm team, business assets, strategic plans and scale. You and your partners sit in the driver’s seat. And in the passenger seat, your Encore Executive Farmer Network.

The payload is your successful farm business positioned to meet today’s challenges and thrive for years to come.

The Experience

Your peer group becomes your own business advisory board, and each member of the team has walked in your shoes. Their shared experiences will help you identify issues and blind spots, and Encore’s program and skills help build trust and drive unvarnished discussion to help you see your business in a new light.

Your personal Executive Farmer Network includes:

•   Proven agriculture business facilitator and coach, Tim Schaefer

•   Fresh eyes reviewing unresolved challenges

•   A deep, new perspective on your farm business

•   Short list of high-impact actions with continued coaching to drive results in 6-months

•   Outline of long-term business strategy

•   Connections to other successful, and connected, producers

•   Continual support via Encore Consultants informational resources and professional contacts

The Details

The Encore Executive Farmer Network helps farm executives drive their enterprise forward. The case study method provides a networking group of like-minded peers a way to wrestle with both challenges and share successes to improve everyone’s business. The combination of an expert facilitator, a proven format and the insightful ideas of 7-10 successful producers creates a powerful program. When you leave your peer group sessions, your road to a more prosperous business will be clearly marked.

Program Cost: $6900 per year, with money back guarantee for the first year if unsatisfied.

An additional person from the farm business is highly encouraged to take part, complimentary with the program cost, for full advantage of the insight, ideas and best practices gathered throughout the program.

Time Commitment: 2 days per session, 2 times per year + travel time to rotated host farm sites

Confidentiality: all participants sign strict non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements

To Apply: Complete the Indication of Interest Form below. Upon completion of the form, an Encore facilitator will follow-up with you to answer any questions and discuss next steps in the process.