Executive Farmer Network

Farming has always been hard. There’s the weather, volatile markets and high costs. Your neighbors have these challenges, but you have more. As a top producer, you are also managing a complex business. You need a solid team around you. You need to grow, motivate employees and work with family. You need to understand your finances at a deep level. The stakes are high. And each year the daily whirlwind gets a little stronger.

You want to break through. You have questions. But who can you trust to help solve your thorny challenges?

That’s where the Executive Farmer Network comes in.

We believe:

  • Trusted and successful farmers are best suited at solving each other’s challenges because they have walked in each other’s shoes.
  • Farm production practices are easily copied, but great management is hard to duplicate.
  • All great farmers will get stuck in complex management challenges, but those who break through will get what they want for themselves, their farms and their legacies.
  • Farm production is expensive, but management mistakes are even more expensive.

We bring together successful, connected, like-minded farm executives with similar challenges in a peer group setting. Then we combine that practical experience with third-party expertise to help you navigate some of the biggest issues that come with managing a complex farm. Peer groups meet twice per year for two days of sessions on a host farm.

This revolutionary program works because:

  • Our vetting process is rigorous. Peer groups are comprised solely of ultra-successful farmers who want to be the best at what they do. .
  • We get you off the farm and out of the daily whirlwind to focus on your long-term strategies.
  • No challenge is new. What you haven’t been able to conquer, someone else has (and vice versa). We give you the opportunity to learn from each other.
  • We only talk about the deep, persistent issues you need answers to, but would never share with your neighbor.
  • It’s completely confidential. Each member signs strict non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements. Competitors are never placed in the same group.
  • Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let’s talk and see if you’re a good fit for the Executive Farmer Network.

    See What Participants Are Saying

    “The opportunity to have a candid discussion on common farm business issues with others in our shoes is really valuable. It opened my mind to new ideas, gave me some thoughts on what has and hasn’t worked for others and caused some healthy introspection on what may or may not work for us. Knowing that someone else is interested in the well-being of our family business is encouraging.”

    Kyle & Lamont Bridgeforth
    Bridgeforth Farms, AL

    “There is always lots of thought-provoking discussion between all members. It is nice to see that I am not alone because many of us face similar challenges. I’ve found it valuable to compare issues with other farms which helps us find solutions for the challenges at our farm. We have great relationships with the other group members. I like the meeting processes and discussion that comes from it because the member input is thoughtful and from a diverse background.”

    Chris, Mike, Nick Woodland
    Woodland Farms, IA

    “As we continue to get bigger, we face new challenges with the need to better manage more complex financials and employees. I received a lot of good information on management possibilities, and how best to structure employees and managers. After going through the program, I have a much better sense of ways to gain control of tracking machinery, maintenance and labor costs which helps our farm be more profitable. I have met some very interesting and highly informed and smart people in this peer group. The information and openness of this group is the best I have ever experienced. It has offered me an opportunity to see other farms and learn why they are successful.”

    David Glinz
    Glinz Farms, ND

    “It is amazing to me as we attend different groups how many of the topics apply to our farm. It has been a great benefit for me to associate with people who may have some of the same challenges and how they deal with them. Education and information is power. Knowing how others have navigated similar issues helps me tremendously. My group has given me a “network” for ongoing communication, and I appreciate the opportunity to work with Tim as he brings experiences from a wide variety of different producers and farming operations.”

    Marc, Bruce, & Marcus
    Foster Farms, ID

    An Editor's Take on Peer Groups

    As the farming landscape continues to change, more people are talking about the value of peer networks for large, successful farmers. They talk about the need for more expertise and the fact that your operations are anything but “typical”.

    Below is an article by Mike Wilson, executive editor at Farm Futures, on the value peer groups can provide.