Executive Farmer Network – New 2020

Executive Farmer Network

Surround yourself with Success

Are you frustrated with...

A business that isn't adapting fast enough

Business that is hard to manage and not growing

Employees causing you stress

Not enough time to complete important things that move you forward

It’s not easy managing a successful operation.  Farming at this level is intense.  You have aspirations for growth and improvement.  But where do you turn to get the counsel, support and camaraderie you’re missing to help solve those strategic management issues?

Join a Peer Group & Take your farm to the next Level




"It's a tremendous opportunity to meet some of these other successful business people and learn from their experiences, and share experiences and ways in which they've addressed issues and problems. And quite honestly we all have the same issues and problems. It's been tremendous to learn and see how they've dealt with things" ~Marshall


"Through our involvement with the EFN we have definitely made changes on the farm, starting with a more formal business structure.  Identifying what we need to work on as a first step and using EFN as a tool to bring those issues forward and solve them.  Our interaction with the peer group and Tim is really beneficial." ~  Brett 


"Your decision making is so much better.  You walk into the room here and you are talking to one person, that's great.  You learn something.  You talk to 10 people: what they learned, what they tried, ask the right question at the right time. It's a much more powerful situation." ~ Chris


“As we continue to get bigger, we face new challenges with the need to better manage more complex financials and employees. I received a lot of good information on management possibilities, and how best to structure employees and managers. After going through the program, I have a much better sense of ways to gain control of tracking machinery, maintenance and labor costs which helps our farm be more profitable. I have met some very interesting and highly informed and smart people in this peer group. The information and openness of this group is the best I have ever experienced. It has offered me an opportunity to see other farms and learn why they are successful” ~ David


"I continue to be amazed at the similar issues all of our operations face/struggle with. Whether it is orchard farming in Canada or no-till farming in Kansas or crop farming in northern Minnesota, we are all dealing with similar issues. I would also use the analogy that iron shapes iron. It is refreshing to be with like-minded producers who have similar goals of making their business better each and every day they go to work." ~ Eric


"We already started to implement a number of things that we've picked up from our involvement with the EFN.  We implemented more regular employee meetings.  We've started to more officially define the responsibilities of everyone working on the farm....we've started to micromanage less and delegate more.  It's been a good thing.  We've really been able to work on communication amongst those of us who are family members in addition to with our employees.  That has really helped us make sure we are all growing in the same direction." ~ Mike

Better Business ~ Strong Legacies

Research by Dr. Danny Klinefelter from Texas A&M has shown that incremental improvements in key management areas are what set top tier farms apart from the rest.

That's what the Executive Farmer Network does.  It’s a peer group that brings together successful, connected, like-minded producers with similar challenges, in a confidential setting. We combine that practical experience with our third-party expertise to help you navigate the key management issues that are critical to your success.

How To Join A Peer Group

This twenty minute call will outline your farm and the direction you want to take it. At the end we will determine whether our peer group process is what your farm needs.   Schedule your "Kick the Tires" call Today.


Its important that you are a good fit for the group. Together we’ll select the group that best fits your farm, based on size, management style, production type and number of employees. You need a group you can trust so we don’t cut any corners in ensuring you are among farmers you respect.


Peer group meetings take place at the farm of one of the members. Meetings are held twice yearly and last a little more than two days. This is a professional and transparent platform for members to discuss and solve the thorniest management challenges they face as farm executives.


Sometimes member farms want additional insight or help implementing the ideas gained from the meetings. We are here to help you keep momentum, so your business runs smooth and dedicated people pull in the same direction.

Listen to what peer members say about the program

“The peer group has provided opportunities to see how other farms operate. We exchange ideas with other producers and bring new ideas back to our farm. The peer group participation has helped me to think critically about my own strengths and weaknesses.”

Mike, Iowa

“It has been priceless to meet farmers facing similar challenges and being able to discuss these challenges and come up with ideas on how to handle them.”

Ryan, Ontario

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