Business Growth Strategy

With so many things being commoditized in agriculture, the way you manage your business becomes your last true differentiator. But as the scale and scope of that business changes, so do the issues that must be managed and skills required to run it effectively.

At Encore, we help our clients move from a family business to a team business to a thriving enterprise, and develop skills to better navigate the needs associated with people, processes, time and money. In addition, we help them move through the role changes from technician to manager to executive.

The Encore approach uses years of business and farming experience to help you break down and simplify the complex issues of running a growing enterprise.

Our services include:

·       Strategic business planning

·       HR–related issues

·       Defining processes for all aspects of the enterprise

·       Management processes, techniques and coaching

·       Financial decision-making tools

·       Leadership development and team building

·       Succession planning