Business Growth Strategy

In many ways scaling up a business is harder than starting one. Companies need solid teams of employees to create scale, yet managing employees take time. Maybe too much time. But no one person can do all the work. As a company grows, keeping everyone focused and moving in the same direction often takes more time than it should. Managing all the daily details is hard and the pressure of the daily whirlwind is taking a toll. You want to scale up and make your business more efficient, but the path forward seems out of focus.

Do you want more for yourself and your business but don't see a way forward?

We Believe:

  • Business planning creates clarity and focus. However, it's easy for leaders of successful businesses to get sucked into the daily whirlwind and not take time to plan for the future.
  • Great decisions are based on clear financial and business metrics.
  • Every business has a unique blend of history, heritage, values, and culture. Businesses thrive when the team is true to clear core values that support the vision.
  • Communication is naturally inefficient with increased size and more employees but inefficiency is not a law of nature. It can be changed.
  • A well lead team of quality employees is a large competitive advantage.
  • Passionate, crucial conversations around important topics are good. While unfettered conflict often undermines the business.

Every successful company will lose traction and get stuck while scaling up. The key is to get unstuck.

How We Work:

  • Clean Slate Approach: We believe every company is unique and there is not a one size fits all. We come with an open mind to get to the root cause of the challenges while respecting the history and culture of your company.
  • Crucial Conversations: We facilitate crucial conversations around the important, but hard, topics that will drive your company forward. We manage conflict and facilitate deep conversations.
  • Strategic Roadmap: At all phases, we provide clarity of direction, strategy, and execution. We build a common vision and ensure everyone is working in the same direction.
  • Leadership: Help shape future leadership or transitioning current leadership to an executive coaching role.
  • Structure: Find the right amount of structure and freedom to help leadership manage the daily whirlwind.
  • Great Teams: Build a healthy and cohesive team accountable to each other and focused on results.

Great leadership supported by a cohesive team is a large competitive advantage and is hard to imitate.